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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

What happens to your business when a contract is broken, information is misrepresented or trade secrets are stolen? When your success is thwarted by the unlawful actions of others, you may be entitled to receive compensation.

Types of Commercial Litigation Cases

Breach of Contract

When one party does not live up to its end of an agreement, there may be a legal action for breach of contract. Our attorneys have experience litigating contract actions in state and federal courts as well as before arbitration panels around the country.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Under certain circumstances, the law recognizes and requires persons in certain positions to treat others with an elevated duty of loyalty, confidence and trust. Fiduciary obligations often dictate the conduct of parties, such as trustees, corporate directors, commercial joint venturers, investment advisors and retirement plan administrators and sponsors, among others.

Unfair Competition

Depending on the precise circumstances, a range of conduct can be classified as unfair competition. In the United States, the antitrust laws prohibit, among other things, certain types of monopolies or attempts at monopolization, certain predatory pricing practices and certain agreements among or between ostensible competitors, which serve to reduce competition. Antitrust claims frequently are litigated on behalf of commercial plaintiffs or as class actions on behalf of entire groups of plaintiffs adversely impacted through the competitive injury at issue.

Other Business Torts

Many other unfair practices fall under this heading. Commonly encountered wrongs such as tortious interference with contract or interference with business expectations, trade secret misappropriation, business defamation, fraud and misrepresentation are examples.

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